The Once and Future Queen: Guinevere in Arthurian Legend


NON-FICTION:  This historical non-fiction discusses Guinevere from Arthurian Legend. Guinevere is one of the best-known women in the history of literature. No one actually knows if she really existed, but her name goes back almost a thousand years. Many people know at least one version of her story, usually the version where she is the wife of King Arthur but also has an affair with Lancelot. This is not her only story.  The first written account of Guinevere occurs after the year 1100 A.D. She appears in Celtic literature, but her name was probably known prior, since most stories were passed down orally. Ms. Nicole Evelina argues that her character changes throughout history and is often used as an example, mainly by men, but wants to expose the history behind this fascinating woman. 

This is a powerful analysis of Guinevere! The author does a fantastic job of explaining the history, politics, and changes that Guinevere goes through. This analysis of Guinevere is engaging, informative and compelling! It is well researched and all information is correctly cited! The only struggle is that the author relies very heavily on other sources and opinions of others. This book will fascinate anyone interested in history, feminism and Arthurian Legend. It has a steam rating of 3 because the author discusses how her character was a seductress, a victim of rape and a lover. This does not read like a normal history book. The author has a lot of knowledge in this area and will make the reader want to pick up her Guinevere fiction novels!

Amanda Hupe