No More Secrets


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Eighty-five-year-old Angelica invites her three nieces, Nora, Teresa, and Velia, to her home during the winter of 2017. During the previous year’s family get-together, Angelica had noted that behind their beautiful smiles and happy faces, her nieces were weathering storms that threatened to tear their lives apart. Not willing to miss any bit of their aunt’s shocking secret that she had promised to share with them during their three-day visit, the three cousins showed up at their aunt’s house as requested. What follows is a time of intense bonding where all of them share their secrets.  

The reader gets to enjoy the unveiling of a well-kept secret that spans six decades. One gets to share in the cousins’ astonishment as they find out that the aunt who they thought was the perfect example of a single woman had carefully hidden her heart’s escapades well under her relatives’ ever-questioning eyes. The storyline allows the reader to follow Angelica’s adventures from Italy to Canada. Family betrayal, true friendship, self-empowerment, and finding happiness are some of the themes that permeate the reader’s mind as “No More Secrets” unfolds. 

Although the suspense factor tied to the secrets does quite well in driving the reader through the pages of the book, boredom may creep into the reader’s mind when Angelica continues to take most of the time in the conversations in the book. More participation from the other characters would help any reader to stay put. Then, the pouring of the secrets would be the icing on the cake that makes the book such a delicious package! 

JM Lareen