The Next Breath


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Robin is in love with Nick, but is always comparing him to her first love and college sweetheart, Jed. To make matters worse, she is the lead in the play that Jed wrote for her eleven years ago. Robin realizes that her heart still belongs to Jed although she is with Nick, who is sweet, kind, and very patient with her. She knows she must be honest with Nick and tell him about Jed, but just can’t find the right time. When she finally reveals the truth, there are devastating results. "The Next Breath" is Robin’s journey as she discovers how to let go of one love and embrace another.


This story draws the reader in with the mystique of Robin’s relationship with Jed. Bits and pieces are told through clever flashbacks to Robin’s college days. The characters are all very three dimensional and it is easy for the reader to relate to them. Jed is very loveable in spite of his realism and cynicism. The story flows well with its even mixture of current time and flashbacks to the past. The story is credible with Robin being the apex of a love triangle. Her angst is very real in not knowing how to resolve her feelings towards the two loves of her life. One can feel Robin’s anxiety and her stress throughout the piece. This is a very thought provoking tale that evokes many emotions from its readers.


Belinda Wilson