New Point


NEW ADULT:  Zoe Baker faced death and survived physically; alas, her mental state is fragile. Needing a chance to recover, she returns to the beachside house her mother bought to find serenity. Her new neighbor Miles is instantly drawn to this enchanting woman and finds himself wooing her with messages in the sand. Can Zoe break free from the terror in her past and her brother's watchful eyes long enough to allow happiness in? Miles is willing to fight to find out.


“New Point” is a tale of survival and healing. A quaint village on one of the Great Lakes, it exudes peace and a chance for redemption for the heroic Zoe. Challenges remain for her, both mentally and emotionally. The novel deftly holds every ounce of emotional tension and serenity that the characters experience. The characters are a rich tableau of humanity begging to be recognized. Start to finish, the plot plays out smoothly and dramatically, without being predictable. Zoe and Miles make an adorable and very realistic couple, both struggling with internal turmoil, yet recognizing hope in the other. The only hiccup is a number of very noticeable editorial errors that draw attention to themselves. Otherwise the tale being told is a beautiful homage to classical romance played out in the modern age. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto