New Dawn (Felidian Warriors #1)


SCI-FI: Aliens have come to Earth to conquer and clear out all of humanity. Whole families are slaughtered without hesitation. Brooke Carter is a survivor, and she bands together with a small group of humans to attempt reclaiming what has been taken from them. Through her travels, she meets Dante Balliol, an alien from the planet Felidia who had been taken captive along with his brother by the barbaric Terrapians who are trying to take over Earth. Together they must somehow figure out how to rescue all of the humans who have been taken captive, save their loved ones, and the entire planet. Something that is easier said than done on a normal day, but when there’s no trust between Brooke and Dante, it might as well be impossible. Whatever connection is drawing them to each other is the only thing keeping them alive.

M.L. Cook has created a wild science fiction romp in “New Dawn”! Brooke is a strong leading woman who handles every situation handed to her with realism and passion. The character interactions are what make this book shine. Their emotions and mannerisms are vivid and diverse, making even the side characters easy to connect with. Brooke and Dante share an intriguing bond that grows throughout the book. This story takes the destined mate’s trope and gives it a few unique twists. There are a few pieces of the world building that readers might struggle understanding, as the story focuses primarily on the characters and their struggles. Overall the pacing is a quick page turner! The book ends in an action packed cliffhanger. This is a great read for lovers of science fiction, destined mates, and action packed adventures!

Chelsea Andersen