The Near Distant

Brett Armstrong, Erin Howard,
C. Kevin Thompson

ANTHOLOGY/SCI-FI: “The Near Distant” is a collection of three novellas that explore life on other worlds through the eyes of three humans from Earth. “By Far and Away” by Brett Armstrong: Tyler journeys to Zan, a planet where he is introduced to his life mate Kayli-Zan. He must decide if life with her is worth sacrificing his humanity. “Under the Stars” by Erin Howard: Everly is taken from Earth to the Kingdom of Lux. There she is entered into a competition to save their world from the darkness. “The Eye of the Beholder” by C. Kevin Thompson tells the tale of scientist Ned. He relies on science to guide his decisions and shuns human interaction. Soon he finds himself thrust into a battle of good and evil in a world that is far from home. 

“The Near Distant” features three strong stories from three talented authors exploring fascinating depths of what it means to be human. “By Far and Away” touches on predestined love and the lengths one will go to for it. Tyler, the hero, is thrown into a whole new world to be with his future life mate Kayli-Zan. His confusion is relatable, as are many of his decisions. This is a slow burn story that comes to an exciting end. “Under the Stars” starts with action and mystery. Everly is pulled into a strange world and must compete for a home that is not her own. There are some surprising twists and turns that culminate in a satisfying end. “The Eye of the Beholder” is a tale that takes readers on a spiritual and intellectual journey. Through Ned, readers will find the answer to the question: why does anyone believe what they do? As a whole, this is an insightful collection with unique ideas. All three stories are well written, though not extraordinary, and the collection is sure to be enjoyed by lovers of science-fiction.

Chelsea Andersen