Love Lost In Time


TIME TRAVEL/MYSTERY:  “Love Lost In Time” is a time travel romance that drifts between the historical time of 777 and current day 2018, telling the stories of two different women, linked through the years, and their love, loss, and redemption. Why are there a woman’s bones buried beneath the kitchen floor? How will solving their mystery help a different woman find peace over two hundred years later?  Follow the stories of Madeline and Hilda and see how sometimes time is just a number. Discover how relatable historical events can be, and how their impact can ripple through generations.

Time travel romances can be tricky, especially when approached with two separate protagonists in the two time periods, but “Love Lost In Time” manages to find a balance that moves the reader between the two almost seamlessly. Quickly becoming caught up in the mystery of the bones beneath a kitchen floor in 2018, Hilda traces the story back, and the reader gets to follow two characters, and in essence gets two stories that are distinct, yet very much connected.  The historical details are beautiful, and a book which could easily feel oppressively sad is cleverly lightened with the use of romance and a satisfying ending.  Well written and easy to read, the historical side may be a little more compelling, but the contemporary details add a layer that cannot be ignored!

Melanie Newton