Losing the Ice (Ice #2)


NEW ADULT:  After the events of “Crossing the Ice”, the first installment of this series, Courtney and Josh are partners on and off the ice. Everything seems to be going well until their first competition, when Josh gets hurt. While the physical wounds will heal, the mood swings, and his inability to even think about skating will prove far more dangerous for their dreams. Will they manage to overcome all the difficulties, or will they have to give up the dream of skating competitively?


“Losing the Ice” is a rewarding read. Seeing Josh and Courtney fight for what they care about won’t leave a reader indifferent. Both of them had their ups and downs, with Josh trying to deal with his injuries as well as his overbearing family that doesn’t approve of his choices, either personal or professional, and Courtney trying to help him as much as she can without suffocating him with her care. It was already mentioned that this book is a part of a series. It is highly recommended to start with “Crossing the Ice”, before moving on to this one, because this book relies on the reader being aware of Josh and Courtney’s history, especially their relationship. All in all, recommended for readers looking for a New Adult romance, and especially for all those with love of skating!


Ana Smith