Kris Kringle's Magic

Diane Stringam
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Christmas: Rebecca Kringle tells the majority of this delightful story in first person. She tells the tale of how she and Kris met, giving us a different insight into the jolly folklore.
Rebecca's community is filled with Elves and Elfa (female elves) which are treated as slaves, a practice that Rebecca has known all her young life and is comfortable with. Kris Kringle is new to Rebecca's community, and on their first meeting has some very different opinions. It doesn't take long for Kris to make his notions clear by destroying a measuring stick. It is on the day that Kris invites Rebecca to take a walk with him that her life changes. No longer will she believe that Elves are mindless and unfeeling creatures.
Diane Tolley pens a picturesque tale of how Christmas came to be while teaching a delicate lesson on prejudice. Her imaginative writing is original, skilled and appropriate for all ages. She answers questions of both young and old: Is Kris Kringle married? How did he meet Mrs. Kringle? How did the Elves get involved and why?  Why did they go to the North Pole? How did they get there? How do they survive? How old is Kris Kringle anyway?
This light hearted tale shows the reader the real meaning of Christmas in an original and engaging way. It isn't a perfect read, how Kris made it to the North Pole isn’t developed to satisfaction and  there are the spelling flaws that could be caught by the detail oriented reader. Still, this enchanting tale is definitely an original must-read for the Christmas season!
Erin Murdock