The Korpes File (The 942 Series Book 1)

J. I.

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Technician Nash Korpes knows about being different.  As a walking embodiment of a war-filled past that most would like to forget, he walks a thin line between acceptability and ostracism.   A shadowy organization known as Korlune Military Research and Development has a use for him, but Korpes soon learns that there is more to the past and the present than anyone wants to know.

The author has put it best: “The Korpes File contains coarse language, adult situations, and controversial themes such as, but not limited to racism, xenophobia, arranged marriage, genocide, and genetic experimentation.”

Those readers who are not put off by those themes are in for a treat.  “The Korpes Files” is a well-written and compelling exploration of humanity in all its forms, both good and bad.  With a strong narrative and a well-paced story arc, the novel is one of the best of its genres.   The novel’s characters are interesting and complex with layer upon layer of nuance.  Nash is presented with such complexity and loving care by the author that the reader cannot help but feel the emotions of the character throughout the book.  Its intelligent storyline only adds to depth of emotion the reader feels.  Not an easy book to read, it is nevertheless a page turner.  Complex and fascinating, the reader will discover more and more elements each time it is read.

Gwenellen Tarbet