Just Destiny


WOMEN'S FICTION:  What gives someone the will to soldier on when they’ve lost everything? Hope. And that’s all Jenny Harrison has to hold on to at this point. Problem is, the hope she has to hold on to comes with a steep and controversial price. Jenny is a woman who won’t be moved, though. Why? Because she has nothing left to lose.

Steve Grant has been in love with Jenny for a long time. Yeah, so? So you don’t fall in love with your best friend’s wife. Being their next door neighbor makes it even worse. Now, Jenny has lost everything and needs Steve’s help. Help he’s not willing to give no matter how much he loves her. He’s watched her do a lot of things from afar but helping her have another man’s baby isn’t one he’s willing to facilitate.

“Just Destiny” is highly thought-provoking and packs an emotional punch! Easily an eight-hanky read! If there are cotton candy novels, “Just Destiny” is French cuisine. The complex plot lines and gut-wrenching emotion demand an eager focus and attention. The third quarter could have used a little more steam in the pacing and in the hero departments. Steve’s “physical restraint” seemed a smidge unbelievable and his character was missing a little the je ne sais quoi.  The... “more” that readers love in a hero just wasn’t there. That aside, “Just Destiny” breaks the mold with its unique and compelling story of love and loss.

Sofia St. Angeles