Just Like the Bronte Sisters


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Jo Beth and Skylar are typical sisters who share the same passion for skiing. When Jo Beth suffers an accident that crumbles her Olympic dreams, she leaves Colorado and her sister, to move to Brazil in search of a new life for herself. Upon meeting Mitch, Jo Beth’s life has several ups and downs, all of which come to a dramatic end. With nowhere else to turn, Mitch makes his way to Colorado and directly into Skylar’s life. Skylar does not trust Mitch, yet something causes her to continue to see the good in him. Will she be able to look past the warnings from her sister and build a life with Mitch or will everything be turned upside down once again? 

“Like the Bronte Sisters” is a contemporary romance with a hint of fantasy included. It has a strong emphasis on various literary novels that, unless the reader is familiar with these classics, may be distracting. The story is not told in the same format: it switches from a point of view for one character to a narrative of another character. It is difficult to connect with either sister completely due to their unusual relationship. Although the story moved at a slow pace, it did offer suspense, twists and turns, and a surprise ending which should be enjoyable for many readers. 

Tina Donovan