Integrity (To Be Sinclair Book 12)


SCI-FI: “Integrity” is a collection of three novellas revolving around the Sinclair Family who are an imperial family of scientists controlling a space travel technology known as ‘Stargate’.   The closely guarded secrets of Stargate Travel are the source of the Sinclair family’s power and influence.  The novellas share a common theme of integrity in the personal, emotional and political spheres of life. Various members of the Sinclair family test loyalty to lovers, friends and family.

Ms. Caye’s story telling is a good fusion of science fiction with elements of medieval romance and transports the reader into a diverse universe. The characters’ integrity is explored in stories that range from the personal to the political. The novel is easy to read however, it is filled with awkward phrasing, and suffers from a lack of focus that would be improved with more editing. The deep psychological issues that Ms. Caye introduces in her stories are dealt with in a superficial manner and as a result, trauma becomes merely a plot device instead of an opportunity to add real depth and detail to the characters.  Little to no emotional development is present in the story arc as the protagonists experience only minor difficulties overcoming their challenges. As each looks for love, the perfect partner becomes immediately available. The book’s strengths lie in the believable attraction and passion experienced between the main characters. The individual stories in “Integrity” are worthy of a longer and more in-depth treatment which would be better achieved in a book rather than novella format. Despite its limitations, “Integrity” is a good read, and an interesting addition to the series.

Gwenellen Tarbet