The Industrial Spy (Curiosity Chronicles #3)


STEAMPUNK:  Dominique Fontaine appears to be a French miss who works in a flour mill. She is really an industrial spy working for France, trying to get enough evidence to lock up the evil Emile Broussard. He is illegally running several businesses and has put several towns out of business due to his underhanded practices. Colton Smythe works for New Britannia and is also a spy. He wishes to avenge the death of his mother while he is bringing Emile Broussard to justice. Dominique and Colton are asked by their respective countries to work together to bring down this master criminal. Will their hearts survive the challenge?


This steampunk story is a delight to read. Unfortunately, there are a few editing errors that bring down the quality of the novel. Dominique is a feisty heroine who is very daring for her time period and she and Colton fall in love in spite of being from different countries. The pacing is perfect and the description leaves the reader in awe as the characters go from the mill, into the cold river, into the French countryside and on to the end of the story. The inventions in the story are unique and fun to imagine. This is a page turner and can be read in an afternoon. 


Ms. Morgan really knows how to deliver the goods!


Belinda Wilson