Hunter (Soul Warriors Series #1)


SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY:  Nyx Leron is a highly successful demon hunter. But upon learning things he wishes he hadn’t, he finds himself the hunted instead.  While trying to escape he unexpectedly lands on earth, in the bedroom of librarian and novice tarot card reader Lyra Hall.  Unfortunately, the demons aren’t far behind and Nyx has no choice but to take the woman with him or lose her to the savage violence chasing him.

Lyra always felt she was different.  She “sees” things in the dark, and “feels” things that just don’t make sense. Still, when an absurdly handsome man appears in her bedroom, all her studies of paranormal philosophies fly out the window - just as she does! Suddenly her life spirals into dimensions she can’t even wrap her head around.  The only constant is the feelings the man beside her invoke.  But, can they be trusted?

What an intriguing twist in the Paranormal/Science Fiction world!  Ms. Lucas takes all the theories of religion, mythology, science and alternate realities and tips them on their end!  The ideas are intriguing but they are explained in one long world-building and philosophy lesson that spans the first 100 pages.  With little else happening for that amount of time, it is hard for the reader to stay interested enough to continue.  The conjunction, “and” is also used an inordinate amount of times throughout the story and becomes very distracting.  If one can persevere, however, the last half of the story picks up and becomes a what-happens-next, can’t-put-down-until-that-last-page-is-turned, thriller!

Ruth Lynn Ritter