Hotter on the Edge:Anthology

Erin Kellison , K.C. Klein, Jessa
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Science Fiction: (Anthology)

All That Glitters

Erin Kellison 


Five years ago fate tore apart Simon Miner and Mica Sol. After all, how could a lowborn miner ever hope to be worthy of a princess? Now, Simon is an outcast with nothing to lose, and his only hope lies with a desperate plan that includes theft. Of course, the last person he expected to see again is Mica herself.

While the world was confusing at first, it also proved to be interesting. Mica and Simon are two people who clearly deserve to be together. Although, the story did feel a bit rushed, they managed to reunite rather quickly for people with serious reasons not to like each other.

To Buy a Wife

 K.C. Klein 


Hudson Land needs a wife. In this new world, a man can’t own land without one. But even that need doesn’t explain his behavior in the auction. Putting everything he owns at stake for a Rebel? Lake expected to die that day, luckily for her the farmer couldn’t control his impulse to own her. But her secrets can put everything at risk.

Hudson is an amazing hero, and although Lake had a few moments of not so good judgment, they do make a good couple. The fascinating thing is the world itself. Interesting, but not too complicated, more books set in it would be welcome.

Enslaved by Starlight

Jessa Slade


Mercenary Captain Corso Deynah doesn’t want responsibilities beyond those necessary for his career. But when Benedetta Galil blackmails him into helping her endangered world, the lines between duty and desire blur. 

Benedetta is a wonderful heroine. We see her overcome what she has been taught so that she could have more than she ever dreamt she could. And the thing she wants is Cosmo – a scarred and amazing hero. The storyline itself is interesting and full of emotions. Expect to tear up while reading this story.

All in all, a wonderful anthology, with three beautiful and romantic stories.

Ana Smith