Highlander’s Bride: A Scottish Historical Time Travel Romance (Called by a Highlander Book 7)


TIME TRAVEL: In 2021, Bryanna Fitzpatrick, while touring Scotland, starts to feel effects from her diabetes and knows she needs to check her blood sugar. When Bryanna ends up in a room with a strange woman and a glowing rock, the woman says that she will meet the love of her life when she feels the rock, yet this could also kill her. Still, Bryanna can’t resist touching it. When Bryanna ends up in 1306, she believes it to be a dream. Bryanna meets Raghnall Mackenzie who is waiting for his wayward bride. He asks her to be his wife instead. Bryanna finally realizes that she is stuck in medieval Scotland, and everything there is harmful to her, not just Raghnall. The more Bryanna learns about Raghnall, the more she wants to be with him, despite it being her demise.

An otherworldly historical romance that is marvelously written! The ever-moving plot twists bring non-stop nail-biting action from beginning to end! Bryanna is an extraordinary heroine; yes, there are some things that aren’t explained fully, chiefly the heroine’s diabetes. Still, her illness isn’t badly represented, especially the signs and symptoms. Raghnall, the emotionally bruised and battered hero, who seems trapped in the past, manages to be very swoon-worthy! The time-travel, fish-out-of-water courtship tale has been used many times and can get a little staid, but Ms. Stone knows how to spin a truly wonderful narrative that is well worth reading! Sure, this might be the seventh in the series, but nevertheless, there is something about it that has true staying power, long after the book is done.

Roslynn Ernst