The Fry Guy from Beachside: A Beachside Boys Novella (The Beachside Boys Book 2)


LGBT M/M ROMANCE: Milo Cusano is on a new life venture! He is opening a fry shop on the beach featuring his favorite potato and onion recipes. The shop needs to open before summer and all the events that will occur. He has enough on his plate when a familiar face from his past comes surfing back into his life. Jackson Rutledge has returned home after a shark attack injury removed him from surfing competitions. He feels lost and alone. Then he reunites with Milo. They were super competitive in high school, but it is obvious that there was more to their relationship than friendship. It turns out that Milo and Jackson both missed their chance and will need each other now more than ever.

This novella is the PERFECT beach read for this summer! There is surfing, descriptions of delicious food, a hilarious grandmother, and a sweet romance. One of the most precious aspects of this tale is how Milo helps Jackson overcome his fear after his surfing accident. Milo recognizes his anxiety and does his best to support him and guide him back to the water. Even though this is a short story, the romance develops into love extremely fast, so much so, that it does not feel real. Some readers may not connect with the storyline. However, the family has the sweetest bond! Grandma is a riot and will have readers rolling on the floor laughing! One thing is for sure, this book will make readers want to read the whole series!

Amanda Hupe