Fortune Favors the Bold


MEMOIR/BIOGRAPHY:  Theodoros is slain by a Bulgarian thug, leaving his strong-willed wife and children, including son Giorgos, to fend for themselves. At the same time, Theodosia is finding herself an orphan but nothing is able to squash her love of learning, finally she is able to move forward with becoming a teacher and attending university where she meets Giorgos, now a lawyer. Dating intimately for several years because theirs is lacking parental approval, they finally are allowed to wed under cool conditions from his mother. As WWII looms closer and various invasions are taking place, both must find, and summon, inner strength to keep the day-to-day functions running smoothly and their love unbreakable. Each needs to face their own heartbreak and allow it to help them grow.

A heart-breaking yet endearing look at the realities of war for one couple and their family, this novel proves the simple bonds of education and family are the strongest. It is a unique human-interest piece, showing everyday Greek life before, during, and after WWII. However, the flow was interrupted several times by paragraph(s) long historical facts that did not aid the personal aspect. Unfortunately, there also seems to be too much information for the story being told making it severely drag and a relief when the end arrives. The book starts in the wrong place; the opening event is simply redundant as it is discussed later. The values the protagonist holds dear are easily identifiable and relatable, although they make the reader question Theodosia's husband’s ethics. It definitely possesses the power to help one look beyond themselves and what they are used to.

Yannie Sorensen