Finding Fisher


Chloe is a pampered, Beverly Hills-bred, Stanford-attending, Harvard Law School-bound poor little rich girl whose parents, both attorneys for the stars, make sure she wants for nothing. Chloe is engaged to Franklin Smith, a boy who claims he’s the only child of Wall Street banker parents who commute daily to and from their wealthy New Jersey neighborhood. During a New Jersey visit with “the folks”, Franklin dies. Chloe flies to Old Town, a tiny one-bar town, to get some answers. Imagine her shock at meeting his grease-monkey/Mobile Mechanic brother, Fisher, a much beefier, sexier version of Franklin. Within minutes, she’s discovering her relationship with her fiancé has been based on a massive series of lies.

One will enjoy this quick read immensely, but there are a few issues. Chloe’s ease at discovering the article on the internet was sketchy, given NJ’s population of nine million people, as was her comment about his name (Smith being the most common U.S. surname). Chloe’s initial snobbery and self-absorption made her unlikeable. Her transition from a cold fish who never showed emotion, to a hot, blubbering mess is too sudden and questionable. Fisher is yumminess personified, but seems too young to financially accomplish what he does by the end of the story. The ending was sweet, but a little added storyline addressing their parental issues and Jackson would have been welcomed in the epilogue. That being said, this is still a delightful, easy read that leaves one wishing for MORE. Well done, Ms. Madison!

Lori Leger