To Find: The Search for Meaning in Life on the Gringo Trail

J. R.

MEMOIR:  Alex Moreau is burned out, uninspired and in desperate need of a change. Although he has finished his doctorate, he now feels he is riding an unfulfilling hamster wheel of life. He and his photography buddy Steph decide they need a trip to Central America, stat. They wrap things up at home and get things in place. Without much other than backpacks and a tent and very little money, they are off on their adventure. Looking for more out of life, but not exactly sure what…they take each day and each experience along the Gringo Trail to soak up all it has to offer. Making friends along the way and finding new wonderful towns is exactly what they are looking for. Or is it? Many spiritual moments and friends come and go along their journey. Is home calling or is this a new way of life for them?

Adventure awaits as readers are treated to an expedition without leaving home. This memoir is gripping and emotional. Author J. R. Klein shows one the land with his words and experiences; readers will feel like they are right alongside Alex and Steph. The cast of characters he creates are down to earth and very relatable. Many who have the urge to travel can do so with this book and never leave home. It may get off to a slow start for some but the journey and the ride is a wonderful tale. The clean romance for the nineteen eighties is a pleasant one and done in a tasteful way. Those who have traveled to Mexico, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and beyond will truly enjoy this book!

Viola Robins