Favorite Daughters


WOMEN'S FICTION: Elyse Gibbons is an undergrad at Columbia and she has made friends with the elite. Compared to her friends, she has had a relatively normal upbringing, and as she makes her way through the political scene, she takes what she has learned to survive the political mad house. As the years pass, they make their own paths. But what Elyse realizes is that it could all come crashing down in the blink of an eye. She must be careful if she’s to make it in this world. She’ll risk it all to keep her head above water, and Finn, the man she has come to love more than she can comprehend.

Laurel Osterkamp has navigated politics and put it on the page with a main character that so many can relate to. Elyse is a really likeable character, and she is thrust into a world where it is dog-eat-dog and a career can be unraveled with even the smallest mistake. There are many moments where readers will be shocked; there is betrayal, backstabbing, and all sorts of interesting aspects. What will happen next? Read and find out because there is so much that could be said for “Favorite Daughters” but it is nothing compared to picking up the book and reading it. Some may find themselves going to find other works by the author and devouring them, too. For fans of political drama and a book that delivers on what will happen next, this is definitely the one!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick