The Fall (Tales of Tolari Space—Book 3)


SCI-FI:  Human Laura Howard is adjusting to her life on Tolar, the recent loss of her husband, and the gaining of a lover in Tolari ruler, the Paran.  The blessing of the matriarch of all the rulers of Tolar has given her renewed youth and empathic ability she has to learn to master. Laura never expected to fall in love so soon after her husband’s death, but the Paran has found his way into her heart.  Just as they bond together, a dangerous rival ruler and other circumstances will jeopardize her second chance at happiness with the Paran.


Book 3 in a series about the Tolari planet and human women who find themselves deeply enmeshed in their culture, “The Fall” is science fiction romance with a hefty dose of space opera.  The author has developed a culturally rich world in which the majority of the people are highly empathic, and they bond and interact with people on a much deeper level. Laura is a sympathetic heroine who struggles with insecurities, but loves generously and courageously, adapting to an entirely different life.  The Paran is an appealing love interest, both elegant and cerebral, but also very expressive in his love for Laura.  Even the antagonists are well drawn with valid motivations.  “The Fall” isn’t a casual read. It’s full of intensive concepts and multiple narratives, and readers aren’t given much back story on previous volumes.  Readers who enjoy science fiction romance with complex world-building will appreciate “The Fall.”


Danielle Hill