Coilhunter - A Science Fiction Western Adventure (The Coilhunter Chronicles Book 1

Dean F.


SCI-FI:  In the Wild North, justice is administered with lead, and the value of life is measured in coils of iron. Dead or alive makes no difference to Nox the Bounty hunter; in fact, the only good criminal is a dead criminal. However, the shadows of the past dog Nox. The peace his soul craves cannot be found until he can find revenge for his murdered family. His thirst for revenge makes him the most dangerous man in a land of pimps, murderers and monsters. 

“Coilhunter” is a mix of cowboy and steam punk set in a desolate dystopian future. A contingent of rich characters act as a counterpoint to the bleak landscape. Mr. Wilson’s prose artfully transports the reader into the hellish heat of the Wild North. Nox is a man haunted by the past and addicted to the notion of revenge. Nox, an all-too-human character, evokes both admiration and disdain from the reader. In short, this is a damn good book.

Mr. Wilson is an expert at character development and Nox’s tragic past and back story is revealed in a well-paced story arc. The rich cast of characters brings life to the complex and compelling storyline. Able to stand on its own within the “Coilhunter Chronicles”, this story leaves the reader with a hunger for more from this series. If you are a fan of westerns, or science fiction – or just a fan of a great story – read this book!

Gwenellen Tarbet