Circle of Time

Debra Shiveley

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  After "borrowing" her father's yacht in order to sail off the tip of Florida to Bermuda, 21 year-old Bridget Littleton sees a face in the waves and falls overboard.  She wakens in Bristol, England in 1532, in the home of her own ancestors! Thrown into Henry VIII’s England, Bridget must traverse the politics and intrigue of Henry’s court lest she loses her head. Literally.


Research should only be used insomuch as it becomes the springboard to, or a setting for, a work of fiction. The author clearly showed this in describing what 1532 England looked like. One was truly transported in time to the lavishness of Henry’s court and the genteel way of life in a merchant’s household. Two shifting viewpoints were used - first and third person - and it takes skill to pull this off in order to make the story flow seamlessly. Internal monologue is not necessary within a first person viewpoint because this viewpoint already takes care of that. Just when the reader has adjusted to this, the third person viewpoint is introduced to move the story forward. 


This perhaps, boils down to the author’s choice in telling the story. If the story became more streamlined, this would be a better read.


M.P. Ceja