Captive Hero

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TIME TRAVEL:  Captain Samantha can’t believe this happened to her. Time travel? It simply doesn’t exist! Too bad she actually experienced it. One second she’s piloting a test plane, the next she is back in the middle of World War II. If that isn’t traumatizing enough, she realizes that she inadvertently changed the past – which she suspects is always a bad thing to do. There is a solution – simply kidnap the guy who was supposed to die and bring him back to the future – nice and easy. Of course, said guy – Captain Mitch - is not happy with the turn of events.  How could that crazy (and strangely tempting) German spy think that he would buy her story? If only she didn’t sound so convincing, and he could stop being so attracted to her.

“Captive Hero” is a compelling story about two star crossed lovers.  Sam is a great heroine, smart and strong but still willing to take a chance on love. Mitch is a man far from his time, yet is working hard to fit in into Sam’s world and live life to its fullest. They make an amazing couple.  Their banter, chemistry and the deep love that is obvious in their interactions make them a true pleasure to read about! The story is full of twists, unexpected revelations interwoven with moments of peace and love. It’s an amazing adventure that will tug at the reader’s heartstrings and refuse to let go!

Ana Smith