Cadence of Consequences (The Chronicles of Xannia #2)



SCI-FI/FANTASY:  Xannia is a world of contradictions: a place where an authoritarian government propagandizes peace above-ground, while a band of rebels live below-ground in the name of freedom.  Xannia’s only hope for survival is a piece of alien technology that very few even believe exists.


Taya is the living embodiment of Xannia’s dissensions.  Despite being abandoned as a child she rose to the heights of her profession.  Despite her commitment to social order, she became a rebel.  A woman of many names, she does not know her own true identity.  Worshipped as an icon, she lives in the depths of despair and must rely on her own inner strength.

“Cadence of Consequences” is a complicated book.  Moores’ vivid prose is descriptive and she creates a fascinating alien world.  Her greatest strength is her characters; individuals in their own rights.  The plot is character-driven and the reader is never able to guess ahead of time which direction the story will take. Sometimes the story can be confusing as it relies heavily on the narrative that was started in the first book of the series.  More explanation of the previous story would be great for readers who did not read the first book. 

Intelligent and full of imagination, this is not a Sunday afternoon read.  “Cadence of Consequences” is a book that will be read again and again, and send readers scrambling for the rest of the series. 

Gwenellen Tarbet