The Body Collector 3: Bad Boys of Space


SCI-FI:  Alexander Smith, known as 'Big Al', became a Government body collector to escape his family. He thought he had it all figured out, but the law had other plans. Now he is working with Loyda Miles, a Government agent who has been accused of murdering her boss. Loyda must rely on Al in order to survive, something she didn't expect. What neither of them expects are the feelings that begin to creep up as they spend time together. As they work together to figure out what's going on, they have to decide whether to give in to their feelings or keep them to themselves. 

“The Body Collector” has an interesting plot and there is a lot going on. Al and Loyda are very interesting characters and their relationship progresses quickly as they're thrust into a dangerous situation. The power dynamic between the two changes and Landra Graf has described that well. However, there are several aspects where language took away from the story and it was difficult to continue immediately. There could have been more done to really make this an exceptional read because it is a fascinating concept. All in all, this is a sci-fi romance that fans of the genre will enjoy, and there is a lot of sexual tension to boot. A short and different addition to the e-reader this season. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick