Awakened by Time


TIME TRAVEL:  Elle Carrere is a pop star whose career is on life support. The last thing she needs right now is the interference of a matchmaking witch, but Edna has better ideas. Transported back to 16th century Scotland and forced to rely on a hunky highlander, Elle finds herself reexamining her views on family, career — and love.

Hamish MacBoewn is a strong warrior who has just been made captain, but what he really wants is to leave his small town and see the world. What he did not expect was the responsibility of protecting a protesting time traveler, one whose smile knocks the breath from his body. Hamish falls for Elle quickly, but is love enough when Elle is convinced that her best happiness is in her music career? 

The eighth book in “The Thistle and Hive” series, Ms. Vale sets up a charming scenario of a modern-day witch who enjoys matchmaking — with a time-travel twist. While the struggles Elle faces to overcome her own misconceptions are similar to what many people face, pop star or not, the reader never really connects with Elle or with the quirky cast of characters that surround her. The narration moves too fast, hopping from one idea and realization to the next without giving enough time for the story to truly develop. Nevertheless, the reader will enjoy Ms. Vale’s cheery prose and her good-natured view of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Janice Martin