Annette Lyon Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology)


ANTHOLOGY:  Cassie is happy with Matt until her friends tell her about their romantic fiancés. Then she is unhappy with what she has and is ready to give Matt up until she is shown that they have the real thing. Natalie loves Adam, but he breaks up with her after graduation. Now they are at the wedding of friends and Adam wants Natalie, but doesn’t know how to tell her. Dani has tried to get jobs acting in New York. Now she is leaving in ten days. She meets Mark who falls for her and wants her to stay. Pete breaks up with Anna, so to escape she volunteers to go outside of a war zone to do a magazine story. When she arrives, Pete is the photographer. Jane has feelings for both her pen pal and her friend, Thomas. Will she feel the same towards Thomas when his deceit is revealed? Claire and Will ride the train home only to find Claire’s family is quarantined because her brother has measles. Will has always loved Claire. If he makes this Christmas one to remember, will she notice him as a man?


This is a delightful anthology of poignant romances that are filled with the innocent kisses of new love. Each one evokes strong emotions as they are read, and each tale has a plot complication that must be overcome in order for love to prevail. The reader will cheer for the men as they work to win over the loves of their lives in such simple, yet meaningful ways. Some editing needs to be done in "Firsts and Lasts"; there is repetition in Mark’s actions that needs to be cleaned up. These are enjoyable whimsical tales, if a little light on the believability scale - great escapist reading for someone who enjoys short stories.


Belinda Wilson