Amara Acquired - The Ojeda Chronicles, Book 1


SCI-FI: One year after the 9/11 terrorist attack, Carlton and Jocelyn “Joss” Randall are torn apart by the disappearance of her plane as she’s returning home to Detroit from a week long business trip. Her plane is mistakenly "acquired" by the Ojeda of Naturna! Commander Slayton Nova sees Joss and claims she is the Amara, a goddess returned to save the Ojeda from extinction! Stranded on Naturna, Joss finds a soul mate in Slayton as they battle xenophobic cultural beliefs threatening to keep them apart. On Earth, Carlton has raised their daughter to become a spirited, independent teenager and found love again. When Joss mysteriously returns to Earth 13 years later, she and Carlton are left to wonder if what they’ve built apart will be lost or will Fate allow them to keep the lives and loves they’ve both acquired?

Compelling, captivating, and romantic, "Amara Acquired" is an intergalactic tale of loss, intrigue, and second chances! Passionate characters provide a crash course in love that has no boundaries. Thanks to an engrossing plot, laser hot chemistry, and dynamic characters, readers will be able to bypass the misused or misspelled words throughout the book. Readers will experience the intense devastation of survivor’s remorse and grief as they travel from one world coming to terms with the wreckage of terror to another world fighting with a brave hopefulness as it teeters on the brink of annihilation. Ms. Prince's imaginative storytelling flies off the page as it takes readers on a fantastic adventure through space and time where grief, fear, and betrayal is no match for the bravery acquired from the power of love written in the stars.

Tonya Mathenia