All We See or Seem

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Aaron Jennings is in a horrible military accident.  Amazingly, he wakes up in the hospital,  completely recovered, with few reminders of his recent brush with death.  In fact, he feels incredibly healthy.  What's going on?  He shaves, using his right hand – isn't he left handed?  Something isn't right.  Then the dreams come, a girl calling for Gryff,  and Aaron calling for Gem – none of it makes any sense.  Aaron's new orders come through, he's assigned to an organization called “EROMI” as a military intelligence liaison.  Rummaging through his father's office, he finds insurance policies from EROMI – Endfield Replacement Organ Management Institute.  But it's not just organs being replaced, it's people!  Gryff, called a stem because he was grown through stem cells, was Aaron’s replacement!  And Gem was Gryff's soul mate, but stems aren't supposed to be in relationships.  Aaron's investigations into EROMI propel him to discover what exactly happened to him and Gryff.  His findings also take him to Gem and a forbidden relationship.  
Wow! Leah Sanders  makes this sci-fi tale completely believable!  The revealing of Aaron's real self, and his realization of what the EROMI organization is and does will keep readers on edge!  
More description of the back story could have been given in the beginning to help in understanding the plot, and it also wasn't clear how a stem could replace a person with memories, habits, and characteristics intact. But, as “All We See or Seem” intensifies with each page, it pulls the reader into a heart-stopping  web of romance, mystery, and a nail-biting future!   A great read for any sci-fi romance fans!
Victoria Z. Burg