A Willowbrook Miracle


HISTORICAL: When Lady Victoria Crawley left London to live with her grandmother, she had no idea danger would follow! While walking home one evening, she finds a man who’s been shot and is in desperate need of help. That man turns out to be Hunter Willowbrook, heir to a Dukedom and grandson of a dear friend of Victoria’s family. With Hunter returning from war, he has no idea the most dangerous place to be might be at home! It seems someone much more dangerous is waiting and wants him dead. The challenge is to find out who before they have a chance to finish the job and before anyone else gets hurt – especially the young lady who saved him and is quickly becoming the reason for him to carry on.

What a lovely way to spend an evening!  This novella is a quick read, yet it holds all the feel goods that one looks for in a romantic escape. The brevity of the story doesn’t allow for any depth of character, and the suspect and mystery are very apparent almost immediately. The romance is insta-love at first sight with little understanding of how or why it hit, and the relationship also progresses without the courtesies of the era, such as asking for permission to court, etc. Still, these two make a wonderful couple, and the race to see how our heroes will thwart the villains is fun and entertaining. If one is searching for a love story with just a touch of suspense, this truly is a fun and quick romp through romance!

Ruth Lynn Ritter