The Vampire Billionaire’s Secret Baby

Sharon Buchbinder

PARANORMAL: Meddy Stheno, a Gorgon and home organizer, is called in to help tidy the home of single dad casino owner and Vampire billionaire, Quinn Ward. Quinn is on the run and is a new resident in hiding at Cat’s Paw Cove, a supernatural town with quirky residents. His primary focus is to protect his son from evil supernaturals who are out to exploit Danny’s Dhampir powers. The attraction between Meddy and Quinn is instant, but can Quinn overcome his past and let Meddy into his heart and trust her with his son? And can he count on her and the rest of the supernatural residents to keep his son safe from the head of the Vampire house?

This is a light read, best suited for a young audience, as it resonates strongly with the quirky banter and slapstick comedy of the 1996 sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The novella is jam-packed with multiple characters that unfortunately make little sense within the overall plot. Though the tale has potential, it falls short with the characters competing for attention. It would have benefited from a ‘show don’t tell’ policy, as every character is introduced with a detailed description like in a pantomime. A focus on the central characters may have worked better, as their personalities are somewhat wooden, and the attraction/romance feels non-existent. The villain and goons are stereotypical caricatures, hard to engage with. In addition, it does not address pivotal questions such as why a Vegas casino? Would a Vampire go into hiding? What’s the villain’s story? This would perhaps be more enjoyable and understood better if the series were read in order.

Rika Chandra