Tempted: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate)


PARNORMAL: A Dark Angel meets an angelic ingenue, and the temptation is exquisite. Gabriel Kral is heir to the powerful Kral Vampire Syndicate. When innocent Mila Vittore stumbled onto the Kral family’s Maryland estate, she didn’t understand the danger she was courting. Gabriel knew his corrupt attention could destroy Mila, but he couldn’t contain his curiosity. While Mila shares with him her dreams of owning an organic flower farm, Gabriel poses as a businessman, postponing the truth about his background to enjoy the buoyant adoration in Mila’s gaze just a while longer. When Mila learns who he is, her doubts, and his family, come between them. Gabriel’s human side wants to set her free. His vampire side wants to lay claim. If Gabriel offers Mila his blood-bond, she will be protected for the rest of her life. As his possession. Giving up her family, friends, and dreams.

“Tempted: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance” is sensuality and desire. Like a smooth dark chocolate river, the forbidden romance unfolds with longing and elegance. Mila loves Gabriel but has no future with him. Gabriel is torn. Obeying Syndicate rules allows him to maintain his supremacy as crown prince and protect his dhampir brothers, but could cause him to lose Mila. She’s more than a friend. She’ll always be more than a thrall. She’s his mate, his everything. Tempted is a prequel novella to the Vampire Syndicate Trilogy and is told in a retrospective voice, as if Gabriel and Mila are reminiscing about their first meetings. Think of it as a very sexy, very compelling “How I Met” narrative that serves well as an appetizing amuse-bouche to novices, or a satisfying dessert for established fans.

Joan Lai