Six Geese a Laying (The Twelve Days of Christmas Book 6)

Emily E. K. Murdoch

HISTORICAL: Maria Fitzroy is the youngest of her four sisters, and the least gregarious of them. She often finds it difficult to find her tongue and shies away from social situations with many people. Yet on one snowy night, she meets the most handsome man that makes her dream of so much more. Walter Atherton is a stranger to the neighborhood with an interest in the Fitzroys. This young lady is charmed by his attention, but Walter shares very little of himself, and her father has banned him from their house. As if those issues are not enough, the newspaper is printing malicious gossip about Maria’s mother, the kindest woman Maria has ever known. Nonetheless, Maria risks all to experience the love of a lifetime, only to have it come crashing down around her. Can Maria and Walter find a way through the heartache to share the love they have found?

“Six Geese a Laying” is a Christmas tale filled with sweet desires and guilty secrets wrapped up in love! Maria is shy and feels out of step with her elder, more confident sisters. She falls hard for Walter after one meeting, her naivete and innocence on full display. Walter has secrets and because the readers are not privy to them or his thoughts, he appears to be using Maria. That makes it difficult to get behind the romance and invest in this couple. Even so there is a strong sense of family that spills from the pages. Betrayal and redemption are powerful themes at play. This is another enticing addition in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” series that promises heartwarming romance!

Tricia Hill