Raven Rousting


PARANORMAL: Sonya Michelson is the new shifter seeker whose job it is to find the newly bitten and oversee their passage to full-on werewolf by keeping them from going mad with the changes to their bodies and minds. The problem is, the last seeker to hold the position has been dead for over three hundred years. Sonya has no idea how to perform her duties, so she seeks an audience with her predecessor via the astral plane. Along the way she makes a connection with a raven which adds a bit of humor to the story.

‘Raven Rousting’ is a short novella prequel to a new series of paranormal romances. The author has a unique and engaging style which lends itself well to this genre. The addition of Norse mythology as part of the story gives wonderful substance to the tale. Who doesn’t love a Norse witch? Sonya, the heroine, goes about her tasks diligently, despite her frustration at there being no real guidelines for what she must do. In her quest to seek out the newly bitten, she becomes involved in the sketchy werewolf fight game. Her ability to overcome the obstacles in her way only serve to strengthen her position as the book’s heroine. There is a lot going on in this story, which at times muddles the plot a bit. Those readers who love their paranormal shifters heavy on the action and light on the romance will definitely want to check out this novella, and then the full length books that are sure to follow.

N.E. Kelley