Lyon at the Altar


HISTORICAL: Anna Toussaint meets Frank Webb, heir to a viscountcy, when her mother becomes his governess to teach him the French language. Frank insists that Anna learn with him. Young love blossoms as the two teens grow closer until scandal erupts. Two years later, Frank is a viscount. He has no interest in the women his mother parades before him, his memories full of Anna, the girl he'd loved and lost. Anna, meanwhile, is working as a seamstress at the infamous Lyon’s Den. Then one night, she is the prize for whichever gentleman wins in a card game. When Frank and Anna come face to face at the altar, the emotions are strong. Anna has no intention of being a willing wife, but Frank is certain he can rekindle the feelings they once had. Can Anna and Frank build a life from the ashes of their first love?

“Lyon at the Altar” is a steamy, sensual romance that takes the spark of young love and fans it into the flames of adult passion! Anna is sweet, innocent, and transparent in her feelings. Frank is a young man caught in his first taste of love and lust. Anna’s anger at Frank takes up a good portion of the story, and there are many questions such as why Frank didn’t show greater backbone to find Anna and make things right. The plot is light, and sex dominates many of the scenes. Conflicts are resolved due to outside events rather than through character actions or dialogue. “Lyon at the Altar” is an entertaining entry in the Lyon’s Den Connected World that will satisfy longtime fans!

Tricia Hill