The Lyon’s Share: The Lyon's Den Connected World


HISTORICAL: Adriana, Lady Benton, has gone to Mrs. Dove-Lyon to get a husband. Adriana is a widow who was happily married until her husband was crippled in the war. Then he turned bitter and turned on her. She has some odd requests of her new husband: no intimacy, several homes, and a generous allotment. Adriana owes Mrs. Dove-Lyon most of her fee, but promises to pay as soon as her house sells. Sidney Reddington Wolf, sixth Earl of Middlethorpe has been in love with Adriana since childhood but stood aside watching his best friend marry her. Now that Paul is dead, Sidney is determined to marry Adriana on any terms. Upon hearing she has been to Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s, he goes to the Lyon’s den and buys Adriana’s marker from the Grande dame. Now, no one else can marry his sweet ladylove.

“The Lyon’s Share” is an exquisitely written romance chronicling the lives of Adriana, Lady Benton, and Sidney Reddington Wolf, sixth Earl of Middlethorpe. Ms. Deland spends a lot of time in Adriana’s head, echoing Paul’s cruel words which keep her trapped and strapped to him. Sidney and Adriana are lovable characters despite Adriana’s character flaws. Sidney is also flawed, which endears him more to the reader. He has sword scars on his face, and he is exceedingly pleasant, which can cause misunderstandings later. The world building is brilliant!  A captivatingly twisted plot keeps readers engaged from the very beginning of this rich tale of unrequited love which evolves into a gratifying love match. A part of the Connected World series, this novella is one that should definitely be read and enjoyed!

Belinda Wilson