The Gentleman in the Ash Tree (Allen Abbey Romances #1)

Rosanne E. Lortz

HISTORICAL: Eloise Blackburn little expects to find a stranger up the old ash tree when she climbs it to rescue her sister’s kite – especially a suspicious man who claims a relationship with the neighboring Allen family, a relationship they’ve never mentioned. Except then the Allen’s come hunting down the stranger and her family instead of ousting the interloper, claiming Crispin Allen’s story is entirely plausible. Helping Crispin track down and claim his missing inheritance is just the sort of adventure Eloise never thought she’d embark on, but something about the cheeky man from the West Indies sparks something inside her that just might help them find something more than a missing trunk.

A sweet little novella, “The Gentleman in the Ash Tree” brings adventure, family drama, and a ton of delightful romance together in this short tale. While the story does not have the room to give any major character development, it does set the stage for Eloise to fall for Crispin, and for the pair to solve the mystery of Crispin’s missing inheritance in a realistic way. The conflict with the side characters is easily handled and explained while providing enough momentum to move the story along. Readers looking for a complete and simple romance with a bit of adventure thrown in should look no further than this book and its secret passages for a fun afternoon read!

Sarah E Bradley