Earl of Griffith (Once Upon a Widow Book 6)


HISTORICAL: After impetuously running off and eloping with Roarik O’Neill, Lady Helen quickly realizes her mistake. She has left luxury behind to be a servant to her Irish husband and his cronies. She loves him but understands he loves Ireland more than her. After he is killed in a political brawl, Helen and her three year old, Maeve, must flee back to England and safety. Her brother, Gideon, Earl of Stanfeld, asks his friend, Conway, Earl of Griffith, to escort his sister and her toddler home from the docks. Conway agrees, and it is love at first sight. Helen is gun-shy and not interested in wedding again. Maeve immediately likes Conway, enough to ride in the saddle with him most of the way to Stanfeld Estate. Conway has plans for Helen, because he knows she is the only woman for him. They correspond once Conway leaves for home, and his love grows deeper. Helen is convinced of his sincerity, but is still leery of another marriage.

“Earl of Griffith” is a lighthearted story with dark undertones due to Lady Helen’s past. The characters are well-written and Helen has a lot of depth. The other characters, while enjoyable, are one dimensional. Throughout the novel, Helen remains in denial about her husband’s death. Her overthinking everything gets repetitious and slows the story. A lot of characters from previous stories are included, but it feels as though some of them are only there to make this novel fit into the series. The daughter, Maeve, is the true star of this tale. Ms. Wynne does exceptionally well in portraying this little girl. A lively story, it is a quick and delightfully fun read.

Belinda Wilson