The Courage of a Lyon (The Lyon’s Den)

Linda Rae

HISTORICAL: Injured in the war, Captain Charles Audley is thankful to not have inherited his family’s earldom and all that comes with it. An earldom would have required him to marry, and Charles can’t ever see himself finding anyone willing to marry a cripple. Besides, he can’t seem to get his “angel”, the field nurse who helped him, out of his head, even though he can’t imagine ever seeing her again. On a chance encounter at her father’s funeral, Amy Sinclair and Charles find themselves together once again. With his brother off on a search for his own bride, Charles finds himself unable to push his thoughts from Amy. But with Amy’s future in the hands of the town matchmaker, Charles must partake in the challenge of the night to win the hand of Amy. With so much riding on luck and a game of strength, will Charles be the one to take Amy home? Or will she end up the wife of a burly laird?

Chance encounters galore keep this two-in-one story moving at a quick pace. With Charles and Amy’s affections building over time, it becomes almost a shock to see his brother’s quick engagement and marriage. At times, some details seemed exaggerated and the sexual relationships seemed to move too fast to be believable. Readers will be entranced, however, by the entertaining double love story this book offers which will keep the pages turning to discover what could possibly happen next. Fun and quirky characters make this a light and engaging read. Mischief and tenderness all wrapped up in one great storyline!

Marie Sanderson