Watercolors in the Rain

New Adult

Eve St. Aubin passionately kisses world-famous artist Kyle Sebastian, at his own art exhibit.  Overcome by the encounter she flees the gallery, to the bewilderment of her escort for the evening. Once at home she tearfully pulls out remnants of her artistic past from the back of her bedroom closet. Memories of her summer on Mackinac Island with Kyle surround her.  Lost in her memories, what happened between the two of them comes to light. Love, rooted in a common interest, sprouts and flowers. Can secrets ruin something created in the summer heat?


The writing style reflects an artist’s need to observe minute detail. That attention to detail slows down the pace of the first half, but it enhances the second half of the book. Told in the third person, the story’s narrator alternates between concentrating on the experiences of each character in turn. The reader knows more than the character in the spotlight does most of the time. However, there is one noteworthy surprise. Research and knowledge of the artistic process is readily apparent, as is the skill with which the author places Kyle and Eve within the thriving island community. The reader’s patience pays off. This intricately woven tale will hook the reader very early, have them wanting to invest in art supplies and leave them waiting for the author's next masterpiece.


Heather R Nielsen