New Adult

Claire Morgan understands how to play the ditzy heiress that everyone thinks they know. On the outside, she is a fun-loving party girl, but inside, she longs to do some meaningful work and hold meaningful conversations, rather than idle chit-chat. When Claire and a group of her famous “friends” eat at the restaurant where Nick Holden is working as a server, while struggling to hold on to his art scholarship and realize his art dreams, everything changes. In their short interactions, Claire is impressed by his down-to-earth treatment of her as a person, and they jump into a fast and furious fling. As their feelings for each other grow, Claire feels supported to reach for the career she wants, and Nick’s art finds inspiration. They both need to learn to trust in each other—and themselves—or their no-strings fling will break both their hearts.

Claire and Nick have an explosive chemistry from the start, though some of the sexual encounters seem a little hard to believe. Claire and Nick both have great character development as each learns to trust in themselves, and find out who they really are. The supporting characters are well developed, and even the surprising moments feel natural and right. Laylah Abrams has woven a terrific new adult novel of two star-crossed lovers from different worlds coming together. Because their fling is secret, it grows in intensity as it’s sheltered from the outside world, but it’s vulnerable to mistrust… if what they have built is real and can stand the pressures of the outside world. This pressure cooker romance is a sexy read romance fans won’t want to miss!

Cara Cieslak