Summer of Sundaes (One Scoop or Two)

New Adult

Bailey Madison’s grandmother falls sick during her final year in college and she sacrifices finishing her college degree to take care of her. She has to leave behind many things, especially the only man who warmed her heart with his love, Brahms Kingsley. Brahms finishes his college degree and continues living his fun-filled life. Bailey Madison gets busy with running her grandmother’s ice-cream shop in Seward, Alaska. The business affords them money for her ailing grandmother’s treatment and for food. Brahms wants to show his father that he can handle their family business, Kingsley Tours, and accepts to secure a new lease for the expansion of their business. Little does he know that the property Kingsley Tours is eyeing houses Bailey’s ice-cream shop. Bailey. The only girl he has ever truly loved.

This fast-paced novella drops a resplendent meal on the reader’s mind. With the storyline unfolding very quickly, the characters' traits are poured in an equally fast and furious manner. This gives the reader a chance in the characters’ minds to know why they behave the way they do and why their conflict escalates to such a high note in a very short time. Hot and spicy it is. The scenes are very well orchestrated, thus, leaving nothing for the reader to feel bored about. From splendid descriptions of a world against the main characters to a ‘boiling’ sea, the reader experiences nothing short of pure entertainment. The suspense factor keeps the storyline flowing smoothly. “Summer of Sundaes” is indeed a reader-holding magnet for all young adults. 

JM Lareen