Stockholm Diaries, Caroline (Stockholm Diaries #1)

New Adult

“Stockholm Diaries” opens on an early morning in contemporary Stockholm, as Detroit native, Caroline, prowls the streets looking for the perfect picture. Caroline postponed her travel photographer's dream to support her boyfriend, Brad, through law school. Eventually it becomes apparent that he has no interest in her dream. When that happens, her friend Veronica’s invitation to visit her in Sweden provides a needed change.


Once in Sweden Caroline ponders her break from her old boyfriend and future career. Veronica suggests sports photography and in particular, hockey. It had to be more fun than taking photos of fussy babies! Her taciturn neighbor Niklas, who could easily model for a Viking warrior, falls into the habit of rescuing her from situations caused by her lack of Swedish and failure to plan cause.

Author Caroline Rebecca Hunter’s novel paints an evocative picture of an American in a strange land trying to scratch out a new life for herself. The detailed imagery breathes life into tall pine forests, mist-shrouded streets and clean lined architecture. It also allows a snapshot of the hard-hitting hockey world. Caroline and Niklas’ relationship grows through a series of incidents, usually with him rescuing her. The relationship unfolds naturally with Caroline initially rejecting her attraction to Niklas, who she dismisses as a brawler. The only downfall of this beautiful, debut novel is the main character’s consistent need of rescuing. Her lack of planning, while realistic, makes it hard to like her as a character.

“Stockholm Diaries” is a well-crafted novel that unravels the tangle of dreams, fears, and unspoken wishes that make us human.

Morgan Stamm