A Sprint to His Heart

New Adult

FANTASY:  Bailey Meyers wants to be a professional cyclist - it’s her passion. She’s good, but not quite good enough…yet. Her coach has very strict rules about not dating, and abiding by them hasn’t been difficult until she meets artist Piran of Sava. He’s gorgeous, kind and oh…he is a Guardian Fae. There is an instant connection between them and when the coach finds out she’s dating, she’s kicked off the team. Bailey is offered a spot on the Lady Spinners in Colorado, and decides it’s her best option to go pro, but it will take her thousands of miles from Piran. 


When she receives a letter that she might be charged with doping, she heads back to Chicago and finds that Piran isn’t exactly who he claimed to be, and she might lose him as well. Will she be able to prove to the cycling council that she is innocent? Is she willing to fight for Piran, and the love that they share?


Ms. Bardan has done her research well where the cycling world is concerned. The majority of this story is taken up with the sports aspect, which isn’t bad if that is what one prefers. However, the romance seems to take a back seat along with the Fae. The relationship between Baily and Piran is wonderful but leaves one wanting more. The subplots added allure, and more content about the Fae would have added more interest. If one likes sports, a touch of Fae and an unlikely couple, then this just might be the story to enjoy!


Lynne Bryant