Silverwitch (Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D. #4)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Olive Kennedy is sent on a quest by her dragon stepfather:  retrieve a weapon before the elven queen can gather it herself. The elves are looking to restore seven arms to restore a dangerous deity and take over the world. Olive takes her Viking boyfriend Kull on her mission but they are caught by Silvestra, the silverwitch of Dragon Spine Mountain, who holds them captive. Olive is able to finagle a deal with the witch where if she can solve a magic cube she gets Kull back.  As her magic is still developing, Olive decides to make a run for it, with disastrous consequences.  Has Olive's luck run out for good this time, or will she be able to master her magic and save the Sky King?

"Silverwitch" is a masterfully crafted story that is a wonder to read! The world building is excellent and draws the reader completely into the story. There is a contrast in that the characters spend time in both earth and the fantasy world, and those  transitions are handled beautifully. It shows how well the author created her  worlds.  The characters are well developed — Olive is an active heroine, appropriately flawed and easy to empathize with. The story line is full of action, and there was hardly a dull moment. It makes for fast-paced reading. No worries over not having read the first three books in the series, "Silverwitch" stands on its own. There are not many stories out there as well-done as this one, and readers are in for a treat

Jessica Samuelsen