Resonance (Golden Beach #3)

New Adult

Garrett Donalson and Angela Peters have been best friends and band mates for 12 years. Their band Panic Station is about to hit the big time and head out on an international tour, opening for a chart-topping headliner. It is everything Angela has ever wanted and fame and recognition are finally in sight. However, just before leaving on tour she wakes up to find Garrett in her bed. They made a pact years ago, one Angela plans to keep; no distractions, no relationships and no dating within the band. 


Garrett has been in love with Angela for 12 years and has no intentions of letting her go. With pressure from the label to make headlines in more ways than one, will Panic Station be able to remain true to what brought them this far? Or will Angela’s lust for fame cause her to lose what she loves most - Garrett?

Ms. Loraine spins a roller coaster tale on the journey to the top in this dual POV novel. The hero is smart, witty and lovable, causing the reader to fall in love on page one. However, the pressures of fame drive the heroine to make one poor decision after another, quickly losing the reader’s sympathy. Though some redemption is found through flashbacks, the story could have benefited from slowing down and giving each obstacle time to settle. With funny, endearing characters and smart dialogue the reader will definitely be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series!

Amelia Kitch