Raising Grace

New Adult

Crystal Macintosh and Brent Stevenson have been wild about one another since they were sixteen. Now, freshmen in college they are living the dream until the night of the fraternity party. Brent’s friend Lawrence plays a horrible prank on him with irreparable repercussions. The last Brent sees of Crystal is the back of her head as she leaves. Six years later, Brent’s company is going to finance the robots that Crystal’s team has developed for autistic children. Brent’s daughter, Grace, is autistic and could benefit from this new technology, so he asks Crystal to come and work with his daughter. Crystal is reluctant because of their past but does so to please her boss. Brent is praying for reconciliation. Will it happen? Or is Crystal still too shattered to ever love again? 

“Raising Grace” treats the reader to flawed but relatable characters. This novel is quite compelling and difficult to put down because so much happens in such a short period of time. Ms. Pride is a master at her craft and brilliantly captures the heartbreak and angst that both Crystal and Brent feel, so much so that these feelings are transferred to the reader. The autism angle is interesting, thought-provoking, and informative. Grace steals the show in every chapter she’s in. She’s smart, funny, and wise for her years. The three major characters bloom and mature throughout the story giving us hope for their future. The world around the characters is realistic and one can see all the settings in the tale. A very unique story, “Raising Grace” is a must read!

Belinda Wilson